This Just In: I’m A Harlot, Not An Adulteress! (Aren’t We All) Thoughts On HJR-3 and Me and Not Being a Stinky Christian

So therefore, dear reader, anyone who has ever had sex outside of marriage—including before marriage, which, according to the Waiting Till Marriage website's article 4 Cool Statistics About Abstinence in the USA, takes 97% of American citizens out of the running as marriage material—really has no business tying the knot.

The Risk and Urgency of Writing About the Things That Scare the Doo-doo Out of You

have a Twitter friend who dared followers to write the scariest thing ever. On December 5, ‏‪@jilltalbot tweeted: What essay would scare you the most to write? To put those words down. I'm starting mine tomorrow. Join me. That was, oh, a whole 10 days ago, so 10 tomorrows later I’m on the challenge.