It’s Not Flashy, It’s Not the Himalayas Or Vegas; BUT Giving Back (and not) Can Happen Here and Small

Brooke and Jeff are taking a year away from their real jobs as social worker and physical therapist to travel the world writing and photographing for a social justice travel magazine—first to Rwanda, then Cambodia, Nepal, Vegas and Cuba. Kind of kicks the shit out of the cans of creamed corn and kidney beans I plunked into a grocery bag and placed on my front porch for a local church to pick up for their food drive a few Sundays ago.

Vacation Highlight: St. Regis Princeville Ginger Margarita

Lodging at the St. Regis Princeville is rich for our wallet, but sunset at the Living Room is within our budget (barely). The Ginger Margarita I sipped over sunset was a vacation highlight this summer. No prose will be as snappy as this party-in-a-glass, so let’s cut straight to the recipe. Ginger Margarita: St. RegisContinue reading “Vacation Highlight: St. Regis Princeville Ginger Margarita”