Tomorrow we’re headed to a Presbyterian church in a part of the city with the highest crime rate. From an area with the lowest crime to an area with the highest crime. I asked Dan if I should drive his car, since my minivan is new. He suggested we ride in Traci’s car. In church yesterday Dave Rod preached on faith, from the story of Abram/Abraham whose faith was “credited to him as righteousness.” What does that wondrous phrase mean, I wonder? What does it mean now? One thing that stuck out from the story, which by the way was expertly and hilariously depicted on a flannelgraph video montage, was Abram’s response to God telling him to leave. “He left.” He didn’t mull. He didn’t stress. He didn’t ask all his friends what they thought. He didn’t pray. He didn’t ask God. He just went. He took a leap of faith and waited years and years for the result he expected. Hm. *******On other note: I’m feeling thankful today. I exercised and spent more time offline, out in the real world, which was life-giving. But then this evening I felt irritable. I wonder if it was due to cyber-withdrawal. If you’re reading this post, thanks, feel free to comment. But then go outside and take a long hit off the cold winter air, or warm winter air depending on how close to the equator you are. Look at the stars or the clouds or the blue sky. Take a quick walk around the block. And breathe.

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