Doh! Wrong door!

Seriously, welcome. This is that one room in your house where you throw the stuff that has nowhere else to be stored and shut the door tight. Enter at your own risk and careful not to hurt yourself. There might be a sharp object or two on the floor. Wear shoes.

Published by Beth Bates

Writer, writing coach, book editor, CNF instructor, connector, mom, wife, and lover of fresh air, grass, trees, birds, waves, sand, mountains, stories, and travel Let's be friends on Twitter @bethbates

One thought on “Doh! Wrong door!

  1. YOU!!!!! Are hilarious.

    Seriously, I’m so busted. That was a bad day and some vodka blogging. You can tell by the typos. I’m really not that much of a bitch.

    Which is to say I am that much of a bitch, but it’s generally slightly better hidden under a paper-thin veneer of appropriate behavior.

    You are so getting bought a drink the next time I’m in Indy. Brace yourself.

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